FBI Restarting Probe Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails

‘Pertinent’ emails found in connection with separate case, FBI director says

by Robert Schroeder
Market Watch

The FBI is restarting a probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails after finding more messages that “appear to be pertinent,” Director James Comey told members of Congress on Friday.

Comey said the FBI learned of the emails in connection with an “unrelated case” and that he agreed “appropriate investigative steps” should be taken to determine if they contained classified information.

[…] The news had an immediate impact on markets and drew a quick statement from Clinton’s Republican opponent Donald Trump. U.S. stocks DJIA, -0.21% took a hit, and the dollar USDMXN, +0.9049% rallied against the Mexican peso, a currency sensitive to the prospect of a wall being built on the southern border.

Trump pounced on the news at a rally in New Hampshire. “I think they’re going to right the ship, folks,” he told a crowd about the FBI. Members of the audience cheered “Lock her up!” as Trump told them about the FBI probe.

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