Doug Casey: Speculator – Making $200M in Junior Mining

from Palisade Radio

Doug recently released his first novel, “Speculator- High Ground” which critics are calling “Pure Gold”. It’s the first in a series of novels that follows the protagonist Charles Knight as he progresses and influences 6 different politically incorrect occupations- speculator, drug lord, assassin, terrorist, warlord, and finally anti-Christ.

Fiction has allowed Casey to say more than he would with non-fiction, and this first novel is “..biographical to a reasonable degree”. It also provides an entertaining education of the mining sector, including a spoon-fed crash course on geology.

If you’d like to win a free signed copy of “Speculator- High Ground”, go to the top of the Palisade Radio website in the next 7 days (October 21st- October 28th) and input your email to enter the contest.

Doug Casey believes that in the next generation we will see fascinating changes in mining. Much of it could move to the asteroid belt, which is full of heavy metals. When fusion power becomes cheaper, it will allow the economic transmutation of metals.

Biotech will bring desalinization processing which can retrieve massive amounts of natural elements in the seawater. Nanotechnology may turn almost anything into a viable ore deposit. No more big yellow trucks running around in the dirt.

Back to the present day- Doug believes now is a great time to get into mining speculation, and that most people are completely oblivious to what’s going on. He thinks a bubble will happen in this bull, and even a super-bubble in tiny mining exploration stocks.

Many times in the past the gold stocks have moved up 10 to 1, with individual stocks moving up 100 to 1. Casey thinks we are at the beginning of one of the bulls where that can happen again.