Donald Trump Widens Lead in Daybreak Poll Over Crooked Hillary

from Bill Still

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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on
Donald Trump Widens Lead in Daybreak Poll Over Crooked Hillary
Sooner or later, we predict, the MSM polls will have to start showing Donald Trump’s poll numbers tightening significantly with Crooked Hillary Clinton’s.
Why? Because, if the latest pre-and-post-debate polls taken in Ohio are any measure – and we suspect that they are – the MSM are skewing polls by about 13 total points in favor of Crooked Hillary now, but that can’t continue.
Why? Because in the end, these pollsters rely on getting it right – at least their final numbers before election day. That’s the way they sell their services the next time to customers who want accurate polling. Of course, probably half the MSM are no longer interested in accurate polls – only polls that provide the correct answer to suit their political goals.
However, overall, bottom line, they don’t want to risk some reporter like me noting two years from now that such-and-such poll was among the 10 worst in the nation in the previous election.
The USC Daybreak poll has been the best so far and we believe it has forced both the UPI state-by-state poll and now Rasmussen to steer their polling towards the truth as well.
In today’s Daybreak poll, there were several significant developments. First of all, Donald Trump has increased his lead nationwide over Crooked Hillary. Trump now leads by a .6% margin – 44.5 to 43.9.
Now remember, none of this counts in the unmeasureable “Monster Vote” which we suspect will be an additional 5 to 10%.
Trump continues to close in on Clinton’s small lead among Millennials – 43.6 for Clinton to 38.9 Trump – a 4.7% lead.
With the aged 35-64 crowd, Trump continues to lead by 1.4% – 45.1 to 43.7.
With the 65 and over folks, Trump continues to lead by a 2.4% margin – 48.4 to 46%.
In the education category, among those with a high school education or less, Trump continues to increase his lead too 11.5% over Clinton.
In those with some college to continues to increase his lead to 7.7% over Clinton.
Even among those with graduate degrees, Trump is closing on Clinton. He now trails by 16.9%, but this is a much smaller voting group that the others.
When sorted by income, Clinton enjoys her largest lead. No wonder, more promises of more free stuff. Clinton leads by 20.2%.
However, in the other income brackets Trump dominates. In the $35k-75k group, Trump leads by 12.4%
Amongst those making over $75k, Trump leads by 3.2 % and growing.
In the ethnicity department, Trump leads with whites by a 53-to-34.2 – a 15.8% margin.
I’m still not going to report the black margin, but I believe it is totally wrong.
Among other ethnicities, Trump leads by a full 7 points now – 47.8 to 40,8%.
And among Hispanics, Trump continues to close, now trailing by Clinton by the smallest margin ever – 51% to 38% – a margin of only 13%.
Among women, Clinton managed slightly increase her lead to 8.7% over Trump – probably due to the number of what’s known as “Bimbo eruptions” – most of which are thought to be fakes, or at least exaggerations.
However, men more than cancel that out by increasing Trump’s lead to 9.4%.
Early this coming week are the new numbers in the long-awaited UPI statewide poll which is only released every other week. And don’t forget the 3rd and final debate on Wednesday night.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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