Collectibles: Your Shelter From Volatility

[Ed. Note: I wonder what the average Venezuelan would pay for a Michael Jordan rookie card right about now, you know, given all the other problems going on in their life at this moment.]

by Jocelynn Smith
The Sovereign Investor

Earlier this year, a rare 1933 penny sold at auction for a world-record breaking £72,000 (US$95,500). The British penny was created as a prototype with the head of George V. In fact, this penny is so rare that there are only four in existence. The initial estimate expected the penny to sell for between £35,000 and £45,000.

With a coin, you can hold a bit of history in your hand and not to mention, something incredibly rare.

But coins aren’t just a key to another time far removed. They are a great asset, offering a way to diversify your investments outside the volatility of the market.

To properly introduce you to the world of investing in rare and ancient coins, I’ve gone in search of an expert.

Geoff Anandappa is an investment portfolio manager for Stanley Gibbons Ltd., the world’s leading brand name in collectibles, based in London, but with offices in the Channel Islands, Hong Kong and Singapore. The Stanley Gibbons Group includes the world’s oldest rare-stamp merchant (established in 1856) and philatelist to British Royalty since 1914; and the U.K.’s largest coin dealer, A. H. Baldwin & Sons (established 1872).

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