Breathtaking Criminality in Washington

by Bruce Walker
American Thinker

Recent revealed emails within that broad criminal conspiracy known as leftism show just how utterly dependent those sock puppets like Obama and Hillary are upon the nefarious intertwined collusion of the leftist media, the agencies of the Executive Branch, the Clinton campaign, and the DNC. The depth of this criminal conspiracy, as these latest emails show, is stunning.

Consider the network news programs that gave Hillary the questions days before she was asked in a presumably spontaneous interview. Giant corporations are not supposed to give free campaign resources to candidates. That violates federal election laws unless the economic value of these actions are reported as corporate contributions to the Clinton campaign, which, of course, these are not.

The leftist trust of media corporations does not even try much to hide its combination in restraint of trade. During the debates, the number of interruptions of Trump and of Clinton are not even close, and the softball questions to Clinton (probably prepped, as we have found out in Hillary’s interviews) make for a vast contribution to the Clinton campaign which is completely unreported and, because the gatekeepers are also the malfeasants, completely ignored.

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