AT&T – Time Warner Merger Faces Questions from All Sides

from Boom Bust

lass=”” >AT&T’s $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner faces heavy opposition from rival telecoms and media companies, as well as questions from U.S. antitrust authorities and lawmakers. Also, PSOE , the Socialist Party in Spain, has ended the political impasse there that has prevented Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy from forming a new government. Ameera David reports. France has begun to clear the refugee camp in Calais that has garnered the notorious nickname ‘The Jungle’ Bianca Facchinei has details.

Then Manuel Rapalo examines the $6.5 billion stake HNA has taken in the hotel chain Hilton. It is the latest in a binge of travel-related acquisitions by the Chinese company.
After the break, Steve Hanke, professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, discusses whether the picture for the oil sector is improving and what this means for Saudi Arabia and Nigeria in particular. And finally, in The Big Deal, Edward Harrison brings charts and statistics to bear on the question of whether the US economy is at full employment.

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