As The World Crumbles, Gold And Silver Sit Inertly

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

I have to admit, my heart just isn’t “into it” this morning – as frankly, the past 24 hours, Precious Metals mini-surge notwithstanding, has had the feel of a giant financial market and media “holding pattern” ahead of tonight, when easily the most important debate in modern American history occurs. As, irrespective of how egregiously the election has been rigged thus far, no level of fraud, deception, or spin will be able to lift Hillary Clinton to the “high ground” if Donald Trump, who has sounded a lot more Presidential in the campaign homestretch, delivers the political beating I anticipate.

To that end, it’s becoming clearer each day that the forces of “good,” as Bix Weir would call them, who are quite obviously as vested in a Trump victory as the “bad guys” are for Hillary, are just getting started in their campaign to hail the digital airwaves with damning anti-Clinton disclosures. As if the full-length documentary Clinton Cash, which documents the hideous, traitorous charity fraud of the Clinton Foundation isn’t bad enough; or Anonymous’ “Hillary Clinton, Career Criminal, which documents every sordid scandal of her public life aren’t bad enough; let alone, thousands of horrifying WikiLeaks emails, including first-hand descriptions of the treason and cover-up of her email scandal; and undeniable proof that the White House, corporate media, and Wall Street are using Goebbels-esque propaganda and lies to smear Donald Trump. This, as the Clinton campaign vocally taunts and threatens Russia, via rhetoric so caustic and aggressive, it’s difficult to conceive America not launching a major war if she is elected.

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