2016 Election: Arguing over Stupid Things – Karl Denninger on US Economic Collapse

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Expert guest Karl Denninger is here and this time we’re taking an election spin (with less than 3 weeks till voting day). Surprisingly Karl belives that a political solution is the only one we have to fix our broken economy and Constitutional Republic. Don’t take these thoughts likely but listen to the interview to get the full picture. Some see the collapse as inevitable, but anything is possible if there’s a will.

01:00 Small Government: is Trump the Real Deal?
02:00 Gary Johnson not a Libertarian says Karl
03:45 Hillary is anti Constitutional Republic
04:45 Analyzing Liberals; Hillary is a Sociopath
06:30 Hillary Ruined 2 Countries & Helped Create ISIS
08:30 Media bias against Trump, Debate polls rigged
10:30 Polls in 1980 said Jimmy Carter would win
13:00 US Economy: World Debt Reset or Crash US Dollar?
14:30 Republicans could be blamed for financial collapse
16:00 Our next president, rise to $2 trillion Medicare/Caid
20:00 There is only political solution to economic crash
23:00 A handful of indictments could lower medical care 80%

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Website for Guest: http://Market-Ticker.org