Roll Call: 'The Deficit Debate Has Disappeared'

by Ryan McMaken

It’s long been apparent that the Republican party has no interest in making any significant cuts to government spending.

In fact, looking at GOP presidents since Nixon, it seems that Republicans like to increase government spending more than Democrats.

[…] Nor does it seem there is any salvation to be found in “gridlock.” The DC consensus is strongly in favor of unimpeded federal spending.

Nevertheless, the Republicans have long kept up the ruse that they’re in favor of balancing the budget, cutting the deficit and engaging in “limited” government. Some have kept up the spending even while cutting taxes. This has only led to back-door tax increases.

But that has changed this election. Don’t worry, the Republicans haven’t decided to actually start cutting the budget after years of lying about it. No, what’s different this year is that the Party’s presidential nominee — and hence, much of the Party — isn’t even pretending to be in favor of any real budget cutting or budget balancing.

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