Global Bankers Self Destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2….

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s the penultimate day before the Fed and Bank of Japan destroy what’s left of their “credibility” – and my god, it’s an utter horror show of economic implosion, monetary lunacy, political and corporate corruption, market and data manipulation, and military and diplomatic provocation out there. Typically, I “calm” myself in such situations by realizing it could be worse – by considering “worst-case scenarios,” then appreciating that we’re not there…yet. Unfortunately, what I see – politically, economically, socially, monetarily, and militarily, tells me a whole lot of worst-case scenarios are about to play out in the “first world.” Which sadly, nations like Brazil, Venezuela, Greece, and countless other “second” and “third” world nations are experiencing as we speak.

Before I get to today’s very important topic, I want to point out the across-the-board horrors that cumulatively, threaten the mass breakdown of financial markets, monetary stability, and even political and social order. And not, “in the future,” but NOW. Frankly, it’s difficult to find a starting point, given how many ugly stories are out there; but seeing former Republican President –and CIA Director – George H.W. Bush endorse Hillary Clinton, demonstrates just how lost, and corrupt, America has become. This, on the day it was discovered that Hillary’s Associate Paul Combetta was in fact “bleaching” her illegally stored, confidentially-created emails, from her time as Secretary of State.

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