End The 'Debate' Bias

by Karl Denninger

It’s time to put a stop to the charade that is a “moderator” at debates.

We need to change the format, in short. This is what I recommend.

  • Install a device with a large button (red and visible on the top) of each podium. These are connected to a small computer (as Raspberry Pi will do) with a large LED-style display for remaining time, one for each candidate that faces toward them (so they can see it.)
  • The candidates take a coin toss for who goes first. After the first question the order alternates.
  • For each round the selected candidate presses their button; this turns on his or her mic for 30 seconds. They have 30 seconds to direct a question to the other candidate of their choosing. When the 30 seconds is up their mic is cut off.
  • The responding candidate presses their button. This turns on their mic for 2 minutes, during which they have the only working microphone. They may use their 2 minutes however they wish but when the 2 minutes has expired their mic is cut off.
  • The other candidate now may press their button and gets 2 minutes for a response as well to their own question and/or the asked candidate’s answer. Again, after 2 minutes click — the mic is off.
  • Finally, the asked candidate gets 30 seconds for a rebuttal; again, they must press their button to enable the mic and after 30 seconds it’s over.

There are no other microphones nor pool feeds other than the microphones that go through the box. It is thus impossible (within reason) to talk over the other candidate since you can’t be heard except locally in the room. It is also impossible to go over time.

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