What is Liberty? | Aaron Ross Powell

from FinanceAndLiberty.com

– Why does liberty mean and why is it important to have in a society? ?0:56
– What role does government have in a libertarian society? ?7:07
– What would a libertarian monetary system look like. In what ways does America’s monetary system look similar or different from this libertarian ideal? ?9:49
– What role should government play in the banking system? ?12:52
– What would libertarians argue is the best way to deal with “too big to fail” banks? ?17:32
– What do you say to people who believe Democratic Socialism is the answer? ?22:32
– What are steps the average person can take to promote liberty in our society? ?30:52
– Book recommendations ?35:23

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This interview was recorded on Aug 2?, 2016.

DISCLAIMER: The financial and political opinions expressed in this interview are those of the guest and not necessarily of “Finance and Liberty” or its staff. Opinions expressed in this video do not constitute personalized investment advice and should not be relied on for making investment decisions.