The Wizard of Foresight: Two Weeks in Turdville

by Pining 4 the Fjords
TF Metals Report

I want to state right out front that the owner/proprietor of this site, Mr. Craig Hemke (the top dog, big cheese, head honcho, numero uno hombre and Grand Marquise of TFMetalsreport; Mr. Turd Ferguson, all-around precious metals raconteur) was both unaware and not consulted prior to my posting this, AND that it is totally unsolicited. Though come to think of it, if TF wants to drop my name to his buddy, Billionaire and genius investor Eric Sprott, suggesting he take me salmon fishing with him in the Klondike, well that’s his business. Ahem.

But as a part-time contributor and long-time subscriber to this site, I wanted to record for posterity the truly exceptional nature of the prognostication that has gone on here. To put it bluntly, TF has been killing it for a very, very long time now and this virtuoso performance has reached a fairly astonishing crescendo over the last six months, culminating in a frankly scary two week period July 15-30, 2016:

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