Still Report #1126 – Pro Trump Protesters Greet Joe Biden in Serbia

from Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the invasion – circa 1999.
Joe Biden landed in Serbia on Tuesday to apologize for US-led NATO bombing there in the 1990s.
Biden said Tuesday during a news conference with Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade.
“I’m proud the United States and Serbia have started a new chapter in our relationship, grounded on the shared ideas of mutual respect.”
Biden had just denounced Trump in a speech the day before, calling him, “dangerous”.
Biden was met by a large crowd of Serbian nationalist protesters wearing Trump t-shirts and chanting, Donald Trump, Donald Trump as they marched through the streets of Belgrade.

They marched on the presidential palace but were peacefully stopped by police.
There, Vojislav Seselj, leader of the pro-nationalist, anti-globalist Serbian Radical Party explained why Serbians love Donald Trump:
“Trump is the alternative to globalization. He will destroy old centers of power in the United States. He is honest, he is honorable, he brings peace to mankind and returns pride to America.”
Donald Trump was one of the few major public figures who in 1999 on the Larry King Show opposed the bombing of Christian Serbia that allowed the Moslem Albanians to defeat them in their civil war.
According to Vojislav Seselj:
“We gathered here today to protest because the criminal and villainous Joseph Biden has once again, with his presence, defiled sacred Serbian land.”
“We came here, brothers and sisters, to tell [Biden] that regardless of how much the leaders that govern Serbia at the moment crawl in front of him, that Serbia does not love him, that Serbia hates him, that Serbia finds Joe Biden disgusting.”
“But the time has come for America to erase a dark shadow from its history. The time has come for these bandits to leave the political scene. America now has hope and a future. America now has Donald Trump.”
Some of the comments provided interesting historical context as well:
“In world war II the Serbs helped to hide and rescue 500 downed airmen. It’s to bad we can’t remember history. Thank you Serbs.”
“To coexist with these people is impossible without betraying your own culture. Of course they support Trump over that crooked apologist.”
“These Christian Serbs viscerally remember HillBillary’s BOMBING OF CHRISTIAN SERBIANS on March 24, 1999–the Eastern Orthodox Church’s EASTER!”
“It was a crime. I remember the bombing run on the train.”
During the bloody civil war, both sides were guilty of hideous war crimes against each other, but this battle went back to its roots in World War 2.
“Christian Serbians remember the West siding with the Islamic horde that the Nazis had installed in their country that they were fighting to remove.”
“Crooked apologist” ? She did a whole lot more than just defend the Muslims in that region. The Albanian Muslims have named their new streets after the Clintons – for winning that war for them – when the Clinton administration attacked the Serbs (and wiped Yugoslavia off the map). The Clintons are international war criminals!”
And finally, let’s remember the real reason for the bombing of Serbia.
“Well, they needed a distraction from Monica and Serbia was there.”
That’s the Clintons. They will sacrifice any number of human lives for the slightest political advantage at home. These people will go down in history akin to Nero – fiddling as Rome burned.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.