Still Report #1125 – The Best Trump Speech Ever: Wisconsin 8-16-16

from Bill Still

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Trump.
I wish everyone in this mighty nation could watch this. Trump would win in a landslide for sure without doing another thing to campaign.
It leads off with Rudy Giuliani – the former Mayor of New York – who speaks for 8 minutes and explains why the Clintons cannot fix the problems with inner cities – because Democrats have been in control of the inner cities for 50 years or more.
Democrats want the inner cities to stay just like they are. Why? Because they can then keep pumping the federal government for more money every 4 years to fix the problems, but the money never gets down to the street. It’s sucked away by friends of Democratic politicians on programs which are guaranteed to go nowhere and no one holds them accountable. So the next presidential cycle, the same cry goes up to fix the inner cities, more federal money is granted, and nothing happens – over and over and over again.
Then Reince Priebus comes on and talks for just 3 minutes and although I used to think he was just some knucklehead, I swear, his prescription for America will make you cry.
Then Gov. Scott Walker comes on to speak for another 3 minutes and you’d think he was Donald Trump’s son.
Then Trump comes on and lays out his plan just so wonderfully in 38 minutes.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.