Still Report #1109 – Obama Exec Order Goes After Small Gunsmiths

from Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the 2nd Amendment.
Donald Trump was right again and President Obama even warned us that in the last few months of his presidency he would be doing whatever he could to continue his noxious transformation of America.
Obviously, the thing he and his transformers hate the most is the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – the right – not the privilege – but the right to keep and bear arms.
So while America was distracted by the display of patriotism that was NOT the Democratic Convention, President Obama slid another anti-gun executive order under the door.
The order stipulates that small gunsmiths would be required to register themselves as manufacturers with the U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) at $2.250 a year.
In other words we are now being forced into line with the New World Order of globalist “directorates.”
Ask yourself, if you had to pay an additional tax of $2250 each year – for any reason – could you afford it? No! Money is too scarce – for we, the little people, anyway. If you could avoid paying that tax, you would avoid it.
So, the bottom line is most of these gunsmiths will simply go out of business, or risk doing small jobs for friends completely under the table and live in fear of the day the jack-booted thugs come to pay a visit.
According to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action:
“It’s a piecemeal strategy based on banning this gun, or that ammunition, in this particular place, or for that particular reason; prohibiting ever-wider classes of persons from lawfully owning a gun;
“… attacking the manufacturers or dealers or customizers or repairers of firearms; and chipping away at every edge until nothing is left in the middle—and no one is left who cares enough to defend it.”
Eventually, this one will be taken out by the Supreme Court – but only if Trump is making those future picks.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.