Still Report #1102 – Hillary’s Handler Carries Diazepam Pen

from Bill Still

For Hillary Clinton’s handlers, the election can’t come soon enough. Hillary’s health is deteriorating so rapidly now that whenever she goes out in public now, someone with a Diazepam pen is close by to give her a quick injection to try to control her ever-more-numerous epileptic seizures.
We’ve all seen the crazy videos recently of Hillary’s seizures and exaggerated expressions, but on Saturday, new photographic evidence of the ever-present seizure pen was revealed by the Gateway Pundit.
Here is a picture of the Clintons the night of nomination. Notice the huge guy on the right. His ID does not look like a Secret Service ID, yet he seems to have preferential access to the candidate.
Last Thursday, Aug. 4th, one week after the convention, at another embarrassingly sparsely-populated public speech at a union hall, animal rights activists were able to just walk right up to the stage on which she was standing.
Hillary felt threatened and froze with that deer-caught-in-the headlight look on her face for just a couple seconds before the same huge black guy seen in the convention picture shot up next to her and said, “You’re all right. Just keep on talking.”
Now let’s go back to the convention picture. Here’s a close-up of the pen guy. And here is a super close-up of pen guy. It looks pretty close to this model here.
The seizure problem is now thought to be the primary reason Clinton refuses to do a press conference. The stresses of lying under such pressure would trigger another very public seizure.
Here is a recent example of Clinton being asked questions by several reporters at once. See what it sets off.
Now, in slow-motion, look at the initial shock on the face of the reporter on the left. She thinks a monster is about to bite her. Hillary is very clever here at making it look like it was all a joke – but it clearly was not.
Now look at her reactions just as the balloons start dropping right after her nomination speech. It’s like Bill Clinton is holding her up and he is in even worse physical condition.
Here is a recent picture of him without so much makeup.
And then there are Hillary’s persistent coughing attacks which could be related to the brain injury when she fell and hit her head in December of 2012, and consequently couldn’t testify before the Benghazi Committee.
The question is did the fall result in a brain injury and the resulting seizures, or did a seizure cause the fall?
In any case, this woman is not capable of being the Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on earth.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.