Rick Rule – I Have Only Seen the Stunning Event That Has Just Taken Place Twice in My Lifetime

from King World News

With gold and silver on the move, today one of the wealthiest and most street-smart pros in the business spoke with King World News about a stunning event that has just taken place which he has only seen twice in his lifetime.

Eric King: “Rick, the mining shares have been on a tear. Silver has also been strong and gold has been holding firm. But the mining shares, the XAU and the HUI, have hit new highs recently. There has been relentless buying of the high quality shares. Michael Belkin, who advises some of the top people on the planet, told King World News that there are many professionals buying the mining stocks and they don’t care that they missed the previous run-up because the stock prices and the market caps were too small before this advance and did not meet their mandates. Is that what is happening to some degree here as you are seeing institutional fund flows into the sector and it’s relentless?”

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