No, This Won’t Cause a Gold Shock (Something Else I’ve Just Exposed Will)

by James Rickards
Daily Reckoning

The market has the technical setup for the greatest gold shock in history. When it rocks markets, gold will soar — ultimately to $10,000 if my full thesis plays out. But most gold investors won’t be happy when it does. In fact, most gold investors will face big losses when gold reaches that price. And most of the people who want to get hold of the physical metal won’t be able to.

I was recently in Switzerland, where I met with my secret gold contact. I call him “Goldfinger” to protect his identity. He’s one of the most plugged-in men in the gold industry. He meets with the heads of the world’s largest refineries… some of the highest-level bankers… finance ministers… gold dealers… and central bankers. He also controls tens of millions of dollars in physical gold.

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