Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul Together Again in DC

from Mises.org

Here’s one great reason to visit the US capital this September: Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell will be back together again in Washington, D.C., speaking at the Ron Paul Institute’s “Peace and Prosperity 2016” conference!

Lew Rockwell, the founder and CEO of the Mises Institute and editor of LewRockwell.com, was also Dr. Ron Paul’s first Congressional chief of staff (1978-1982). Lew has agreed to return to what we know is not one of his favorite places—the “belly of the beast”—to speak on the importance of a pro-peace, non-interventionist foreign policy.

What a treat it will be to see the two of them together again, and perhaps we will even hear a story or two of what it was like working for Ron Paul in those heady, early days.

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