Is the Growing Military Tension Between Russia, China and the US For Real?

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

China to play greater role in Syria while US ‘left out’ … Are we seeing the start of a new anti-Islamic State coalition with Russia, Iran and China’s involvement in Syria? How could it influence the balance of power in the region? What reaction could be expected from the West, particularly from the countries involved in Syria? – RT

The organization of a larger war continues to become apparent. It takes a while to organize something like this but it does happen over time if people want it to. And people obviously do.

It’s one reason we remain suspicious about the Turkey coup. Yes, it may have been a failed CIA coup but the result has driven Turkey closer to Russia and apparently to China too.

There’s little doubt Western forces want to create the appearance of a larger potential war. Whether such a war will actually take place is at least questionable, but the groundwork is certainly being laid.

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