Gold Panic Selling

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

After 15 years of “each day worse than the next” market manipulation – much of which, is done overtly – the thing that amazes me most is how few people care. Sure, hundreds of millions of Americans – and billions of foreigners – have neither the resources, intelligence, nor motivation to question authority; much less, in the opaque world of international finance. And quite obviously, one of human nature’s greatest flaws is the inability – or desire – to fight the consensus.

That said, survival instinct is man’s most powerful urge – and the last time I looked, the first amendment still allows the freedom of speech. Let alone, when the internet – and social media – enables the anonymous dissemination of truth. Thus, in a world where billions have been negatively impacted – in many cases, irreversibly so – by the callous, self-serving actions of a handful of sociopaths, how is it that so few discuss the obvious?

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