Full Metal (Gold And Silver) Price Manipulation

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

I’m not sure of the significance of 20 minutes past the hour, and I’m sure it has some sympbolic meaning to the gold manipulation cabal, but for the last week the price of gold has been getting slammed with an avalanche of Comex confetti at regular intervals at 20 minutes past the hour.

[…] THAT is not the graph of a market that is allowed to trade freely. But notice how gold bounces back sharply from every take-down attempt. This is especially significant given that this is one of the slowest seasonal periods of the year for the buyers of physical gold and silver.

This morning (Tuesday morning) was particularly blatant. Gold had traded steadily higher overnight from $1344 (December futures basis) to $1364 just after the Comex floor opened for business (8:20 a.m. EST/6:20 a.m. MST).

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