Dennis Prager, Donating Money to Universities

by Walter E. Block

Although I do not often agree with Dennis Prager, I must acknowledge that this short essay of his is excellent. Its title is: “Why Do People Still Donate to Universities?” And his answer, if I can put words in his mouth, is, “Don’t do it, if you love our country.” He concludes his note with this statement: “But if you love America, among the worst things you can do is contribute to 95 percent of the country’s universities. America would better off if you burned that money.” I heartily concur with him on this.

As a person who has spent almost his entire professional career in academia, I can attest that colleges and universities have become dens of intellectual iniquity, based on cultural Marxism (it is no longer only the bourgeois who are oppressing the proletariat; it is now, also, white males who do so, to pretty much everyone else) and political correctness (safe spaces, trigger warnings, and all the rest).

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