Current Global Financial System is Toast – John Rubino with Greg Hunter

John Rubino – Negative Rates Phenomenally Good for Gold and Silver

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Financial writer John Rubino says don’t be fooled by the phony economy propped up by central banks. Rubino co-wrote a book a few years ago called “The Money Bubble.” It could have been written this week because almost everything he predicted then is coming to a head now. Rubino contends, “The money bubble is basically the big bubble that all previous bubbles have been built on. All the previous bubbles have come and gone, and “The Money Bubble” is about money, government debt and financial instruments, in general. So, it’s a global bubble that is bigger than anything that has come before. Part of the reason it has gone on so long is everybody is participating. Every central bank has a printing press, and that allows them to fool people . . . . It fools people into thinking that the world is basically normal, and it’s not normal. . . . We are creating the conditions for the Mother-of-All financial crises. It is taking longer to happen than was thought of a few years ago, but it is starting to happen now. The QE (money printing) programs of the past few years, which were wildly experimental and really shocking to economists and everybody else, turn out not to work. . . . Either the system is getting ready to break down shortly or go on to a new level of experiments that are going to be even more dangerous . . . either way, the current system is toast.”

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