Court Slams Voter ID Rules

from Bill Still

lass=”” >A federal Appeals Court has backed a North Carolina voter ID law is unconstitutional because it deliberately discriminates against black voters.
Three months before election day, the ruling tossed out North Carolina’s requirement that voters prove their identity with a photo ID. It also restored the ability of voters to register to vote on election day and to register to vote before reaching the age of 18.
Republican Governor Pat McCrory, who is locked in one of the nation’s tightest governor’s races criticized the ruling by the 3-judge panel as a partisan play to help out Democrats in November’s election.
“Photo IDs are required to purchase Sudafed, cash a check, board an airplane or enter a federal courtroom. Yet three Democratic judges are undermining the integrity of our elections.”
State Senator Phil Berger and the House speaker, Tim Moore, in a joint statement said:
“We can only wonder if the intent is to reopen the door for voter fraud [in the upcoming election.]”
Also yesterday, another federal court judge in Wisconsin made a similar decision, loosening the ability of potential voters to get the necessary identification, and even be able to vote if they presented affidavits swearing to their identities.
Judge James D. Peterson said:
“The preoccupation with mostly phantom election fraud leads to real incidents of disenfranchisement which undermine … confidence in elections.”
Donald Trump supporters charged that their confidence had already been shaken during the Republican primary in Wisconsin which was riddled with apparent widespread election fraud.
A similar judicial determination made weeks ago in Texas softened the Texas laws demanding photo ID in order to vote.
The rulings in all three states are seen as enhancing the Democrat vote in November for Hillary Clinton.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.