A License to Print Money

by Keith M Barron PhD
Financial Sense

[…] Can you believe the fix that the West is in? Interest rates lowered artificially to near-zero or negative to forestall deflation? Clinton lauded as the President under which the economy showed a surplus, though he and Bernanke birthed the Dot.com Nasdaq Bubble, which birthed the housing Bubble and asset-backed securities Bubbles and because no one is allowed to really go bust—Freddy & Fanny get bailed out, GM gets bailed out, most of the world’s senior banks get bailed out, we have QE1, QE2, QE3 and Operation Twist and STILL the world can’t kick it back into high gear. Just think of all the loot that got consumed in the Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria wars! Not even to consider the costs of Homeland Security! Shouldn’t $40 oil kickstart everything?

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