Why Gundlach Thinks It’s Going To Get Worse, And Why He Is “Pretty Sure That Trump Will Win”

from Zero Hedge

Yesterday, when referring to the latest interview Jeff Gundlach gave Barron’s, we presented the bearish DoubleLine “bond king’s” portfolio which he broke down as follows: “high-quality bonds, gold, and some cash.” He promptly added the following rhetorical response to inbound inquiries: “People say, “What kind of portfolio is that?” I say it’s one that is outperforming everybody else’s. I mean, bonds are up more than 5%, gold is up substantially this year [28%], and gold miners have had over a 100% gain. This is a year when it hasn’t been that tough to earn 10% with a portfolio. Most people think this is a dead-money portfolio. They’ve got it wrong. The dead-money portfolio is the S&P 500.”

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