Turkey Has a NATO Nuke Problem

…there’s a whole other aspect of what’s happening in Turkey right now that is receiving relatively scant attention. That aspect involves Incirlik Air Base, a 3300 acre base strategically situated on Turkey’s southern coast within striking distance of Syria.

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

The dust has yet to fully settle on last week’s failed coup attempt in Turkey. Accusation has followed counter-accusation, but in the minefield of blatantly biased media and agenda-driven anonymous reports sourcing unnamed officials there is so much confusion that only those involved in the plot know for sure what really happened (or maybe not!).

[…] Nevertheless, some things we can say with a degree of certainty. For one, it seems that the real winner of the whole event (at least in the short term), is Erdogan himself. Taking a page from the Churchill / Emanuel school of crisitunity, Erdogan declared the coup a “gift from God” and went about purging thousands of soldiers, officers, judges and other personnel using the evident threat to national security as an excuse to transform the country. Given how much that sounds like post-9/11 America, it’s perhaps no surprise, then, that both Obama and Trump have refused to criticize the crackdown.

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