The Powers That Be, 2016 – Lower Highs, and Lower Lows

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

The best part of my job is watching the “PM community” – or better put, the monetary truth-seeking populace – coalesce in the war against a status quo that has destroyed global economic prospects for generations to come; enslaved the world with suffocating, unpayable debt; and destroyed the savings of countless billions. And not just the financial community, but the “99%” at large – which I considered last night, in watching Melania Trump speak at the Republican Convention. Frankly, it was as distasteful as it was laughable, to watch political “pundits” attack her – a woman who came from nothing, to a position where the entire world is watching her every move – whilst real people embraced her.

Like myself, countless millions will vote for Trump – who incidentally, will be the oldest-ever inaugurated President – because they want the status quo to die, as quickly as possible.

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