The Day They Killed the Dollar

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man

Hell With Air-Conditioning

LAS VEGAS – It was 113 degrees outside when we rolled through Baker, California, a few days ago. We drove along in comfort, but our sympathies turned to the poor pilgrims who made their way to California in covered wagons. How they must have suffered!

[…] Our suffering didn’t begin until we checked into the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas. What a horrible place. You stand in line for half an hour to get your room key – even after you’ve checked in online. Then if you leave your key in your room, you stand in line for another half an hour to get another one.

The music blares; the lights flash; the slot machines beckon. The décor is garish and ugly. The food is hit or miss. The staff are helpful only insofar as they can tell you which line to stand in. It is like Hell with air-conditioning. But we didn’t come to complain; we came to learn.

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