The Biggest Financial Iceberg in History – Is Dead Ahead

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

If you didn’t listen to the “Emergency Audioblog” I scripted Tuesday night, on essentially zero hours of sleep; or my powerful podcast with Kerry Lutz 12 hours later; you’re in for a treat. As today, you will get my streaming consciousness in full force, given my staunch belief that, per the title of said Audioblog – and podcast – the END GAME, of the powers that be’s’ control over financial markets; and history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme; has arrived.

Last night, I planned on writing of “the Cartel’s greatest fear”; i.e. the destruction of the their record silver short position, the “Achilles Heel” market with perhaps the tightest supply/demand balance of any commodity. This, in response to Steve St. Angelo’s fantastic article this weekend, highlighting how the already historically bullish silver chart – inadvertently “created” by years of price suppression – is on the verge of issuing the ultimate buy signal. To wit, silver’s ultimate bottom was nearly precisely at its 200-week – not day, but week – moving average of roughly $14.50/oz – which ironically, occurred the very week the Fed “raised rates” in December.

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