Stocks Bull Market Crash Apocalypse Resolves to New All Time Highs – Again

by Nadeem Walayat
Market Oracle

The stock market commentariat that had convinced themselves all year that a stocks bear market or worse a crash was always imminent, tending to reach their most vocal fever pitched cry’s of doom each time stocks bottomed and where BrExit is concerned, well that was expected to be the icing on the bear cake, that if it happened would surely have herald an stock market apocalypse. Though of course most never saw it coming because the pollsters, markets and bookies ALL got the EU Referendum outcome WRONG which meant that WHEN it happened the expectations of doom reached a new level of intensity as their worst expectations appeared to finally becoming manifest. Worse still because FEAR SELLS the usually clueless mainstream press liberally regurgitated and magnified the utterance of financial sales industry so as to ensure few would ever be in a position to capitalise on the stock rally.

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