Still Report #998 – Nigel Farage Resigns as UKIP Head

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Nigel Farage has suddenly decided to step down as the leader of the UK Independence Party – UKIP – just 12 days after winning a stunning victory with the Brexit vote – a vote that has supercharged sovereignty movements among nations across the European Union.
Farage, aged 52, led a 20-year-long campaign for the UK to leave the European Union that ultimately attracted over 17 million voters to back him in an against-all-odds Brexit exit.
Speaking outside Parliament in London, Farage said:
Farage told reporters gathered at the press conference after the announcement that he and the other UKIP members of the European Parliament would remain at their posts in Brussels until the UK officially left the EU and the roles no longer existed, perhaps 2 years from today.
“The Ukippers will have been the turkeys who voted for Christmas.”
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.