Still Report #1082 – Daybreak Poll: Trump Still Leads

from Bill Still

This morning’s Daybreak poll from USC and the LA Times shows Donald Trump lost one tenth of a percentage point – to 46.6%. Hillary Clinton got another post convention bump of 1.1% up to 41.7%.
That means Trump’s lead now stands at 4.9% over Clinton.
I prefer the methodology of the Daybreak poll, and there certainly is a big difference between its results and others. For example, the new Reuters/Ipsos survey shows Trump tied with Clinton at 37% each.
The RCP composite poll shows the same result – both candidates dead even. However, if you factor in the Libertarian candidate, Trump moves ahead by 1.2% points.
The Economist/YouGov poll gives Trump a 5-point lead as of yesterday. In the two major swing states – Florida and Ohio – Trump has a less than one-half point lead in Florida; and Clinton has a more-than one-half point lead in Ohio.
The MSM is lined up mostly behind Clinton. For example, USA Today’s current edition remarked:
“With the possible exception of Jefferson Davis, Donald Trump will be the worst president in American history…. Everyone agrees about that.”
Hmmmm, do I need to point out that Jefferson Davis was never the president of the United States? Then, they followed up with this zinger:
“Clinton’s historic candidacy has a special appeal to the smarter half of the American electorate.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.