Still Report #1056 – Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself at the RNC

from Bill Still

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Surprisingly, Donald Trump allowed the junior Senator from the state of Alberta, Canada a spot in the program, despite 4 months of lying and dirty tricks, and just outright election fraud at every turn possible.
So let’s skip the first 7 minutes of his speech.
Partisan anger is tearing America apart is it? That’s exactly what you are epitomizing today, Ted.
Breaks promises??? Ted, you promised to support the nominee of the party.
And if you don’t do so tonight, this will be your last chance.
If you want to run for some office, you’ll have to jump to the Democrats.
Besides, they seem to not be embarrassed by producing fraudulent, Photoshopped birth certificates – something I think you may be needing 18 months from now when your Senate re-election bid starts.
Now hold on there Ted. You supplied the final vote that put Obama’s request for Senate Fast-Track Authority over the finish line. That just gave Obama a ton more power to ram through the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. How much did they pay you for your pivotal vote, Ted?
Before I go on with Cruz, I just want to give a shout out to two guys I know.
Won’t mention their names. They got their well-deserved 2 seconds on national TV.
Back to Cruz.

He said some good things, but slowly as the crowd figured out that he wasn’t saying anything good about Donald Trump, the crowd started to turn ugly.
As though God is trying to make a statement about Cruz, the massive 55-foot television wall behind Cruz starts blacking out.
[insert: end: “That is the standard we should expect from everybody.”]
Even you, Ted?
Now he makes the statement that just sets the crowd off. They now realize that he is not going to endorse Trump.
[insert “… the Constitution.”; ]
“Vote your conscience” has for several weeks been the anti-Trumper’s theme phrase, frequently used by Paul Ryan. In fact, late last night, it was even tweeted out by Hillary Clinton in support of the Cruz supporters, hoping against hope that she can peal a few of them off.
The crowd is now in full rebellion mode and starts chanting, Trump, Trump, Trump, and We Want Trump.
Then, Cruz tries to blame the uproar on the New York Delegation:
Cruz then tries to push his way through as he nears the end of his speech, but the convention is having none of Lyin” Ted by now.
No, Ted, the poorboy message is not going to work now. You are toast.
Nope, not even the fake emotional appeal to a recent victim of the rash of police shootings is going to calm them down, Ted.
[insert: “… don’t agree.”]
Ironic, because at this point, the crowd is shouting Cruz down in a manner unprecedented in televised convention history.
Yes, Ted, about 99% of this crowd now sees you for what you really are – a complete liar and a fake.
[insert: “… faithful to the Constitution.”]
Yes, Canada Ted, and what about your proof of U.S. citizenship – of which you have provided none? At this point, Trump appears in the hall and tries to calm the crowd down.
[insert: “I’d be fascinated to know how that happened.”]
Here is what I think history will later reveal happened. Trump – unlike Cruz – is gracious. Trump’s motto is: life is short and enemies accumulate.”
Trump wanted to give Cruz a second chance and Cruz totally blew it. Cruz will never again be elected to a major public office in this country. Perhaps he should return to his home country, Canada.
[insert: “… I’m not in favor of this man ….]

The senior reporter at that table, Brit Hume, was going to have none of that excuse – one which several die-hard Cruzers would offer throughout today.
[insert: “… almost endorsing him, is not the case.”]
¬I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.