Still Report #1031 – NYT CBS Poll Shows Dead Heat

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now tied with 40% of the vote each according to a new NYT/CBS poll.
The new numbers reinforce a trend for Trump of a gradual surge in other polls as he begins to look more and more presidential and Clinton looks like a robotic, smooth-talking liar.
The poll sampled opinions from over 1300 voters between July 8 and 12th. July 8 was the day FBI Director Comey testified before Congress.
In the past, the New York Times / CBS poll has been among the most skewed against Trump. The last poll done by this group showed Clinton with a 6 point lead.
The poll measured opinion on several other questions.
When asked which candidate was distrusted more, Clinton negatives were higher at 67%. Trump’s distrust number was 5 points lower.
On the economy, Trump held an 11 point lead over Clinton. On the question of trade with other countries, Trump led by only 1% – 47 to 46%.
On terrorism and national security the poll laughingly found both candidates tied at 46%.
And the most outrageous finding was on the question of illegal immigration, where the poll found Clinton leading Trump by a 48 to 45 margin.
Lastly, when asked if they had a positive or negative view of the candidates, Clinton’s positives sunk 5 points from 33% last month, to only 28% this month, while Trump’s positives rose from 26% last month up to 30% now.
This number alone should cause sleepless night in the Democrat camp. No matter how they try to spin it – no matter how they fudge the numbers – this is heading the wrong way fast.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.