Still Report #1028 – EU MEPs Vote to Allow Border Controls

from Bill Still

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Good afternoon. I’m still reporting on the invasion.
The results of the big Brexit vote 3 weeks ago is already emboldening euroskeptics across the continent.
Last week, the European Parliament in Brussels voted 482 to 181 to begin to restore border controls starting in a few months.
The new rules establish the new European Border and Coast Guard Agency – or EBCG, which has been granted more powers to slow the invasion of undocumented migrants into what’s known as the Schengen area – a group of nations that had agreed to allow free movement between all 26 signatory nations.
According to EU rapporteur, Artis Pabrics:
“The European Border and Coast Guard Regulation will ensure that the EU external borders are safer and better managed.
“This is not a silver bullet that can solve the migration crisis that the EU is facing today or fully restore trust in the Schengen area, but it is a very much needed first step.”
The dramatic turn about came on the heels of not only the British Brexit vote, but subsequent news that the invasion shows no signs of slowing. Last year 1.1 million migrants made it into the Schengen area, but in the first 5 months of 2016 over half a million have entered, 226,000 of them into Germany alone – more than last year’s rate.
Under the new EU plan, nations will now manage their borders on a day-to-day basis, but they will have a “rapid reaction pool” of 1,500 border guards from which they can draw if their borders come under pressure. Also, any member state can now temporarily reintroduce internal border checks. That means generally showing one’s passport.
The new EBCG agency will also be given primary responsibility for returning migrants to their country of origin – something that has in the past been heavily frowned upon by the bureaucrats in Brussels.
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I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.