Still Report #1026 – Nigel Farage to Attend GOP Convention

from Bill Still

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Brexit leader Nigel Farage has been invited to attend the Republican Convention in Cleveland next week.
Farage said to USA Today:
“Having criticized President Obama for getting involved in British politics, I am not about to endorse anybody.”
Prior to Britain’s Brexit vote, President Obama traveled to London and urged the British people not to leave the European Union or they would find themselves at the “back of the queue” when it came to trading deals with the United States.
That comment was wildly unpopular with the British people and is seen as having boosted the long-simmering popular revolt that led to the surprising Brexit exit vote on June 23 – now dubbed British Independence Day.
Farage declined to mention who exactly invited him, but denied it was Donald Trump.
“I do know a lot of people in the Republican Party, and I’ll be interested to hear what Donald Trump has to say in his big speech.”
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As a result of Britain’s Brexit vote, yesterday Europe slammed the free travel gates between countries shut.
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