Still Report #1009 – Marine Will Use the Clinton Defense

from Bill Still

lass=”” >According to this morning’s Washington Post, Major Jason Brezler, will use the new Clinton Defense in his fight to retain his position in the Marine Corps after being charged with sending a classified message using an unclassified Yahoo email account to warn fellow Marines in Afghanistan about a potentially corrupt Afghan police chief.
Seventeen days later, on Aug. 10, 2012, a servant of that police chief opened fire on Marines, killing 3 and severely wounding a fourth.
Brezler, who is a reservist who works full time for the New York City Fire Department was not charged criminally in the case, but was issued a negative fitness report that could end his military career.
Rep. Peter King (R-NY) wrote then-Commandant Gen. James. Amos about the case in August 2013 and asked why such harsh punishment had been given someone who was merely trying to warn fellow soldiers of a potential threat.
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service reviewed Major Brezler’s personal unclassified harddrive and a thumb drive and found over 100 classified documents, though only one was exposed via an unsecured email.
Brezler’s attorney, Michael Bowe, said he intends to cite the treatment given to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an example of a similar situation but with far different outcomes.
“Brezler sent one email via an unsecured server to protect the lives of fellow marines. Hillary Clinton sent hundreds, if not thousands of emails via an unsecured server out of convenience.”
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.