Still Report – #1006 – US Oil Reserves Exceed Saudi Arabia

from Bill Still

lass=”” >According to Rystad Energy, a Norwegian oil and gas consultancy firm, the US now has more proven oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.
The new assessment put the United States at the top of proven oil reserve nations with 264 billion barrels still in the ground, nearly 20% more than Saudi Arabia’s 212 billion barrels.
Rystad assessed 60,000 oil fields worldwide over a period of three years to estimate the accessible oil available to different states and corporations.
Previously, the BP Statistical Review, ranked the United States as behind the Saudis in oil reserves. However, Rystad says that the BP Statistical Review is less accurate, since it uses government data rather than their independent assessment techniques.
Proven reserves and maximum pumping capacity have long been thought to be Saudi state secrets.
Since the development of fracking technologies, the U.S. has seen an oil boom which is partly responsible for the global slump in oil prices. It is no secret that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have been deliberately flooding the market with their oil in order to keep prices low to slow down or bankrupt the U.S. fracking industry all together.
But could there be more to this story beyond short-term oil pricing dominance. The delay in bringing to full production America’s vast, new-found oil reserves, gives the Saudis a little more time to continue to build thousands more Sunni mosques throughout the U.S., and therefore build up millions more Sunni-adherent voters in the U.S. as well.
In just a few years, the resulting demographic changes could easily bring to power a Sunni-led president in the U.S. who could completely overturn the rule of law that has underpinned the development of Western civilization for the past 500 years. The result would be the complete transformation of America – the dissolution of the U.S. Constitution, an end to the American experiment, and the installation of Sharia law as the law of the land.
This development would soon be recognized by American leftists as catastrophic to decades of leftist reforms.
American social life would collapse back to a time before white men ever walked the land.
Women’s rights would be a thing of the past and those who resisted the political changes would be dealt with – well — without justice.
But by then, it would be too late.
If only the American left had listened to American populists and nationalists back in the fall of 2016, when America still could have stopped the invasion, and secured their vast oil wealth unto themselves, instead of handing it over to the Saudis, hiding securely behind – – the Clinton Foundation.
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