Multiple Casualties Reported After “Shooting Rampage” Attack In Munich, Shooters On The Loose – Live Feed

from Zero Hedge

What is known so far:

  • Shots have been fired at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany. Multiple casualties and injuries have been reported, with local police reporting 8 dead and many injured.
  • According to a statement by the Munich police on its facebook page, witnesses report three different people with firearms. The number of victims is currently unconfirmed.
  • No perpetrators have been arrested and the search for them continues. Officers ask everyone in the urban area of Munich to stay indoors.
  • Reuters add that the local police believes it is dealing with a “shooting rampage” following unconfirmed reports of a second shooter
  • Public transportation services have been halted on multiple train, tram and bus lines after the shooting. The main train station in Munich is currently being evacuated.
  • The Munich police has cited an “acute terror threat.”
  • German Magazine Focus says that according to police sources, the one of the perpetrators has shot himself in the head.
  • 9 Confirmed Dead

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