Jean-Marie Eveillard Helps Oversee $90 Billion – Discusses Gold And The Greatest Bubble In History

from King World News

One of the legends in the business, 50-year veteran Jean-Marie Eveillard, spoke with King World News about gold and the greatest bubble in history.

Jean-Marie Eveillard: “I have been in this business one way or the other for more than half a century, and there was only one case where I thought if I could look at 45 to 65 stocks I would not buy any — that was the Tokyo stock market in 1989 (see Japanese stock market collapse below post-1989).

[…] Either people or optimistic about what’s happening around the world from an economic and financial standpoint, and then they should not bother with gold, but if they worry a bit or more than a bit, gold provides protection against extreme outcomes.

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