How To Invest In Gold And Have It Pay You Income

by Zach Scheidt
Daily Reckoning

Since early 2016, gold has been one of the hottest-performing commodities in the market. Gold is up nearly 25% year to date, and the reasons why should not be a surprise.

But before I get into the bullish case for gold, I must make one thing clear. Longtime readers know that I am no basement-dwelling gold bug. I don’t hide bars in my backyard waiting for the Apocalypse, and I don’t consider gold a good long-term investment.

Simply put, when it comes to investing, I look for well-run companies and nice fat dividends. That’s where physical gold falls short. It doesn’t pay a dividend.

I do, however, find one subniche in gold to be a great way to make short- and medium-term profits. And in a moment, I’ll share the details.

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