Hemlock Moment Coming for Financial Markets – Gregory Mannarino with Greg Hunter

Gregory Mannarino – We Are Existing in Fantasy Land

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says don’t be fooled by a stock market near all-time highs. Mannarino explains, “The reason we took out the last all-time high is the speculation that the world central banks are going to continue to stimulate and suppress interest rates and go deeper into negative territory. This is what caused this recent run-up here, but what you are not going to hear on mainstream media, and this is huge, this run-up we have seen, record high, record high, record high is on no volume. What does that mean? There is no conviction to this. We have seen this before at every single market top. . . . This can only go on so long. These stock buyback programs, these stimulus programs, at some point the medicine is going to turn to poison. It can only go so far. . . . It’s going to be a hemlock moment. To put a timeline on this is almost impossible because world central banks have become very resourceful. Nobody would have ever imagined the central banks would have done what they have done for so long. They have flipped the system upside down. They are so desperate now to keep the market propped up.”

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