Gold Gets Whacked… Again!

by Chuck Butler
Daily Pfennig

Good Day. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! I’m in need of a white icing cake donut this morning. Hopefully my telepathic signals will get to our Little Christine in time! HA! Well, the All-Star Game last night was a bust for me, as I’m a National League guy. My beloved Cardinals don’t start back up until Friday, so that’s 2 nights without baseball for me! UGH! What’s a boy to do? HA! The Righteous Brothers greet me this morning with their love song: Unchained Melody. Bill Medley sat this one out, with Bobby Hatfield taking the conn. And what a beautiful song this is.

Well, Gold got whacked yesterday, and whacked good! Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark! But do I care? Not really.Am I worried? Think of Alfred E. Newman, What, Me Worried? No! Gold lost nearly $22 in price yesterday ($21.90) but still remains above the level it traded before the BREXIT decision, so it has that going for it, and besides, there’s always going to be days like yesterday, my momma told me so! Gold is up $4 in the early morning trading today,

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