Everything “They” Do Now is About Market Manipulation

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

For some time, I have made it known that the title of my article on the day the Fed announces QE4 and/or negative interest policy, will be “Ding Dong, the Fed is Dead.” However, in reality that day passed long ago – as exemplified by the Fed’s inaction on June 15th, after having bluffed throughout May of a “potential rate hike.” To that end, my audioblog the following day was titled “Central banks are dead”; and if I had to guess, “Cliff High’s” web bots are likely uncovering the keywords “central banks”; “dead”; “lack of credibility”; “ineffective”; and “impotent” at exponentially growing rates. Which is probably why he thinks silver will reach $38/oz by July 28th – a forecast I’m watching with great intrigue, as his credibility, too, is on the line. Then again, I last weekend “called” the Cartel’s imminent demise – for the most part, due to its tenuous, record-setting silver short position. Not to “make a name for myself,” but because 14 years of research tell me the end game of Precious Metal suppression is nigh – and with it, the “window” to protect yourself. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see; however, what I’ve seen thus far, in just the first day-plus of post-“call” action, tells me I could be on to something.

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