Chart: Watch Gold Prices to Profit from Silver

by Daryl Guppy

Gold prices are up 25 percent in 2016 while the surge in silver has seen prices rally 46 percent this year. Early in 2016, the silver price behavior stopped leading the gold price behavior. Silver reverted to its previous behavior of following the gold behavior but it has remained a very profitable trade.

Silver has an upside target of $26.00. That’s 30 percent higher from the current price near $20.00. Gold has an upside target near $1580, which gives a 16 percent gain from the current price near $1360.

Silver is slower to move but it has more room for an upside and this delivers better profits. In March we suggested the smart trade was to look at gold, and then execute the trade in the silver market. It has been a good trade with silver replicating the strong breakout in gold prices.

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