Canadian Cops Out Of Control: The Terrible and Scary Story of Cheryl Yurkowski

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Jeff interviews Canadian anarchist, Cheryl Yurkowski. Topics include: Cheryl wakes up to police in her child’s bedroom and finds herself at the wrong end of police brutality, half strangled and threatened, she was left badly bruised and traumatized, jailed for 5 days separated from her daughter, threatened with 3-5 years in jail, the police were called initially to make sure she was alright, now facing trial with her lawyer saying it is going to be a long up hill battle, ongoing anxiety as a result, ongoing threats and a falsified statement, ongoing harassment, state oppression and freedom

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Snapchat and Instagram: Xwiis

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The two police officers involved:
Janette Drew Sargent badge #26
Mark Ryan Donaldson badge #41

Kawartha Lakes Police # is: 1-705-324-5252 is the website, their Twitter name is @KLPSmedia

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And crown attorney # is: 1-705-324-1420 and their website is:…

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