Brexit is a Fatal Wound to the Euro | Craig Hemke

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lass=”” >Will the perfect storm of Britain exiting the EU combined with negative interest rates on sovereign bonds further drive a stampede to propel gold and silver to record highs? Former stock broker and founder of, Craig Hemkey, joins Reluctant Preppers to connect the dots between the dual forces of the Brexit vote causing a flight out of the fatally wounded Euro, as well as negative interest rate bonds from Germany and other nations forcing capital out of bonds, savings accounts & CDs into secure stores of value. How can you protect yourself ahead of such turmoil in world currencies? Don’t miss this!

Brexit is a fatal wound to the Euro currency – the 2nd largest fiat currency in the world.

Brexit has shaken confidence in the Euro and fiat currencies, and thus is driving physical demand for gold in Europe, Britain and the US.

At the same time, negative interest rates forcing capital out of banks into gold.

So-called “Markets” are high frequency trading between computers, not true price discovery markets.

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) pair of Yen vs. Dollar reversal: paper gold shot higher since then.

Now really exciting dual effects of negative interest rates and weakened Euro are poised to drive gold and silver much higher.

Paper price from derivatives trading has been setting the physical price – makes no sense. Gold & Silver priced as though they are abundant – but they are NOT!

Confidence game of JIT delivery fails: Failure to deliver physical metals by a bullion bank may be the trigger.

Best strategy to accumulate is to keep adding and taking delivery while you can. Paper derivative price is still suppressed. Averaging down on dips.

You are subject to counter-party risk unless you have physical possession of your precious metals.

If your goal is protection, to get away from the madness – Fed governor recommending creation of money to stimulate the economy. Do what huge countries are doing: China, Russia, India, Iran, Brazil swapping dollars for gold evert month.

Germany repatriating their gold – why would it take 7 years?

LBMA Gold Forward (GoFo) rates – track how tight gold was in London. Negative rates = tight supply, stopped publishing the rates to prevent a run on their banks.

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